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We are one step closer to finding ‘America’s Favorite Dancer’ as the top 4 took to the stage.

Travis Wall and Chris Scott collaborated on a dance routine for all four dancers. They danced to “Elements” by Nathan Lanier where each of them was one of Earth’s elements. They tried to match each person’s characteristics with each element they chose. It was a smart dynamic to represent four different elements that are so different yet compliment and work together very nicely. The four contestants picked four numbers they wanted to dance again as their favorite routine.

Kiki and Jenna

“The First Time I Saw Your Face” by Jeffrey Gaines

It takes guts for Kiki to want to redo a contemporary dance that is so outside of his comfort zone. He was uncomfortable earlier in the season doing something so outside of his specialty, but he grew into it. Jenna started crying after she finished the show saying she loves dancing with Kiki. “It’s such a beautiful piece to watch and you obviously have a connection that’s undeniable,” Vanessa said. Nigel even said that there is something pulling them together and it’s something they have been looking for this whole season.

Kione and Marko

“Speaking In tongues ll” by Sheila Chandra

I’m glad she picked the dance she did because it was one of the most unique performances I think in the season. It takes strength and accuracy to hit the mark the pair has to. Cat said she had no idea that the number could get any better and that makes two of us. “You’re technical is so amazing and your spirit shines all over the stage. I want to watch this routine over and over again,” Mary said.

Taylor and Robert

“Change is everything” by Son Lux

The dance starts with Taylor literally falling off of Robert’s shoulders and it set the mood for the whole performance. Robert and Taylor have great team work as they have to use each other to lift off of and gain momentum and lift each other. Nigel said how this number was a better dance than last time since they have learned to trust each other more. He also said, “This is the best I’ve seen you both dance.” I can’t think of a better compliment. Vanessa even added that Taylor was meant to be here.

Lex and Gaby

“More” by Bobby Darin

This tap dance was the sweetest and cutest thing to watch. Lex and Gaby would periodically look at each other while dancing and just smile at each other. Lex did an insane flip at the end too which the crowd and I went crazy for. Cat said, “It’s the gift that keeps giving.” Nigel commented how it’s amazing that he can remember the dance choreography for all these dances he has had to perform this week. Mary said that tap is Lex’s secret weapon.